Personal Training

January 18, 2015 | by Dan |

Personal training is one-on-one training that can take on several forms. It can range from one-on-one training every time you work out for example  three times a week.

It could be one workout a week with programmed workouts for you to do on your own for the rest of the week.

It can be once a month with workouts written for you for the rest of the month.

I have also done foundation programs where we work together for a period of time and then I write workouts for you to do on your own, and you move into a once a week or once a month workout with me.

I also do fitness assessments and Nutrition consultations.

If you are looking for help with your fitness and nutrition I can help you. Contact me and we can put together a package for you.

Session Type Rate    (HST not included)
One-on-One Training $75 single session        $50 for 10+ sessions
Partner Training $60 per session          $50 for 10+ sessions
Fitness Assessment $100 (includes mobility assessment & food journal assessment)
Nutrition Consultation $200 (3 sessions, includes initial assessment and 2 follow up sessions)
Small Group Class $25